In order to get the whole POST I do

$app        = JFactory::getApplication();
$jinput     = $app->input;
$data       = $jinput->getArray($_POST);

that works ok.

But I want to apply the filter JREQUEST_ALLOWHTML.

$data       = $jinput->getArray($_POST, JREQUEST_ALLOWHTML);

Does not work. I have tried several ways but at the ends the only one that works for me is:

$data       = JRequest::get( 'post', JREQUEST_ALLOWHTML );    

as JRquest is deprecated I wonder if there is another way to get the whole post in an array with JREQUEST_ALLOWHTML filter.

Thanks for your help.

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This should be the rough equivalent. Retrieve unfiltered (raw) input and then filter it with custom filter instance:

$data = JFactory::getApplication()->input->post->getArray(array(), null, 'raw');
$data = JFilterInput::getInstance(null, null, 1, 1)->clean($data, null);

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