I have following site structure, 2 big anchored articles:

  • Frontpage, url=/, menu item type=article
  • About Us, url=index.html#about-us
  • Contacts, url=index.html#contacts
  • Article1, url=articles.html#article1
  • Article2, url=articles.html#article2

Those are all separate menu items.

index.html is necessary so it works on articles page. But can I get rid of this? Its bad also in that sense that when frontpage has link e.g "#contacts" it will reload the page.


Assuming I understood your question correctly, then you can have the full domain followed by the anchor. E.g. https://www.your website.com/#contacts and https://www.your website.com/#about-us. This would ensure that the page doesn't have to be reloaded if someone clicks on any of the above links.

  • You'll need to choose the menu item type external URL
    – Eoin
    Dec 17 '18 at 22:42

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