I am using Jomsocial(COM_COMMUNITY) to build a social network system. According to their documentation, enter image description here, all jomsocial pages are using a same itemid. But on my site, this item id doesn't exist in the menu item list! (you can see in the picture below, id 289 is not in the list) enter image description here and here is a screenshot of the URL of the page in question: enter image description here

However, upon inspecting database, I found this id: enter image description here It is associated with a menutype "main"! I think this menu type is reserved by Joomla. I've never been aware of this menutype, nor did I encountered this problem before. Although my site has no obvious problem, I can't associate any module with these pages because the menu item can't be found on the administration page. So can anyone tell me how I can solve this issue? And how come this component is using this hidden menu item id?

If you wanna see the problem in action, you can go to http://a.nycweb.io, use test1/something to login.

(I tried posting this question on Jomsocial's forum, but their customer service is not very helpful, besides I am not sure if this is their problem. Actually I've installed jomsocial on several websites, they all use Gantry framework, which I think might has to do with the issue, but only this one has this problem)

enter image description here

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