In my custom component, I would like to have multiple slightly different templates for the same view.

Something like

 - views/
   - thing/
   - things/
     - tmpl/

In this example, the idea is that default template, accordion template and tabs template all use the data prepared in views/things/view.html.php, displaying it in slightly different ways.

The data should be displayed in the right template according to the url from which it's accessed, for example index.php?option=com_things&view=things&tmpl=tabs.

I've been playing with this for a while and looking for documentation, but I'm not being able to implement this feature. Shouldn't be enough to just create the tabs.php and accordion.php file, or am I missing something else?

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I've found the issue, I'm adding it here for future references.

Yes, it's enough to add the additional templates under the directory com_things/views/things/tmpl/.

The problem in the question was that I was using the wrong URL:

it should be


instead of

index.php?option=com_things&view=things&tmpl=tabs .

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