Previously, I was getting exceptions when saving/closing modules (This exception happened to all types of modules).

Exception message:

Notice: Undefined property: ModulesViewModules::$filterForm in C:\wamp\www\example\administrator\components\com_modules\layouts\joomla\searchtools\default\bar.php on line 17

Fatal error: Call to a member function getField() on a non-object in C:\wamp\www\example\administrator\components\com_modules\layouts\joomla\searchtools\default\bar.php on line 17

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open a module of type 'mod_custom'
  2. Click Save -OR- Close -OR- Save&Close -OR- ANY button at the module toolbar(Except Help button)
  3. Exception stated above is thrown

After debug:

When clicking the 'Close' button, it does not function correctly as it does not POST the doTask in the form handler.

Expected Result:

After clicking the 'Close'button, it should POST back doTask-module.Cancel. User will be redirected from option=com_modules&view=module&layout=edit&id=91 to option=com_modules&view=modules

However, what happens is:

In the $_POST, it is missing, causing redirect to option=com_modules&layout=edit&id=91. This causes the above exception.

A similar problem can be found at

I did manage to find a workaround:

Change Admin template from 'ISIS' to 'Hathor' Can't save or save & close any modules

That said, I really wanted to use the 'ISIS' template.

Might reinstalling the template fix the problem? If yes, how do I re-install it?

  • Quote formatting is not meant to be used as a text highlighter; it is meant for cited (non-code) text -- like exact portions of an online manual, or error messages. I have suggested an edit, when it is approved you will see what changes I've made. – mickmackusa Aug 10 at 4:06
  • If you do not face same issue on some other site with same configuration that is Joomla version and php version, then copy the complete folder of the admin template isis and replace the one causing problem with this one, if it is due to any changes made by you at code level, it should be fixed. Also I will suggest not to make changes in your core files it is not a good practice make a custom extension for your need. Take proper backup before making any such changes – Pratyush Aug 26 at 18:53

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