To load parts of currently opened view I use default template part loading function $this->loadTemplate. $this->loadTemplate('default_cover');

But for easier view management I want to put different view parts in different folders.

In this case I would like to know if it's possible to select folder from which to load required view with $this->loadTemplate function


There's view's addTemplatePath() to add additional lookup paths:

$this->addTemplatePath(JPATH_BASE . '/components/com_example/templates/example_view');

With this, the custom path is prioritized, meaning it would override template overrides in standard folders. To reverse that, reverse the array order of $_path['template']:

$this->_path['template'] = array_reverse($this->_path['template']);

Or, instead of using addTemplatePath(), manually add the path:

$this->_path['template'][] = JPATH_BASE . '/components/com_example/templates/example_view';

Also, if you want to allow custom structure in template overrides, add template folder too (also mind the lookup order):

$this->addTemplatePath(JPATH_THEMES . '/' . JFactory::getTemplate() . '/html/com_example/example_view');

p.s. I don't endorse using custom folder structure. This only leads to confusion for users trying to make overrides. Perhaps look into using layouts instead?

  • Wow. That's great explanation. Thank you @Sharky Yeah. It seems a bit too confusing – user1876234 Aug 10 '18 at 9:35

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