I'm looking to create tags programmatically. I've done it through a direct DB insert but that doesn't seem to be working correctly as I can't associated those created tags with a piece of content via the observer.

I'm looking for something like this:

$content = JTable::getInstance("Content", 'JTable', array());
JHelperTags::addTags(array("tag1", "tag2"), $content);

JHelperTags has a method that may do what I want, but I don't understand the arguments. The following does not work

$h = new JHelperTags();
$h->tagItem($content->id, $content, array("tag1", "tag2"));

How can I programmatically create tags that will be correctly stored in Joomla?

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I was able to use createTagsFromField. #new# has to be appended to the title if the tag doesn't exist.

$title = "Tag Title";
$h = new JHelperTags;

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