I would like to simply list some files from my web server and display the file names on the front-end of my website.

I use Sourcerer plugin and created a custom module where I inserted this code to retrieve the files(it's not working, just loads empty):


$path = 'home/mysite/public_html/tmp/containers/waybills/';

$array = array_map('basename', glob($path . '*.pdf')); 


You can utilise Joomla's JFolder class like so:

    $array = JFolder::files(JPATH_SITE . '/tmp/containers/waybills');

You'll then of course need to write a foreach loop, to loop through the array and echo the values.

Have a look at the JFolder::files API which will give you more information on additional function arguments, should you wish to use them

Hope this helps

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