I'm coming across a strange issue - when adding google analytics link tracking code to a blog post URL it redirects to the home page rather than the blog post, without the GA tracking details the post loads fine.

The original link looks like:


However, if I set the campaign parameters in the fragment portion of the URL so that the URL looks like:


i.e. using a # instead of a ? - then the link lands correctly on the blog post.

I cannot seem to find any posts relating to this either on here or in Google. Has anyone seen anything like this before? Is this a known issue as google recommends not to set the campaign parameters in the fragment portion of the url.

Any ideas/information would be most appreciated.

Best Regards Donna

  • Have you got any SEO extensions installed that could be overriding how Joomla is handling URLs? Are you using Joomla's core blog, or a third party extension? I can't replicate your issue with core Joomla. – RichardB May 21 '18 at 12:13
  • Hi Richard, no..I have checked all of these, there are no SEO extensions in use and the core blog is being used. I have checked the htacess file and the redirects/REDJ components to no avail. I have asked the client to use the # for the time being while I investigate - this is certainly a strange one for me. – Dtorr1981 May 21 '18 at 14:11

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