I'm having problems with a third party component and I'm trying to debug the issue. I get a failure with:

An error has occurred.
0 Cannot access protected property UsersModelUser::$name

but I'd like to know the file and line where this is happening.

I have error reporting set to development, but I'm not seeing the full PHP error/stack trace, with all its useful information. Is this logged to a file somewhere or is there other logging I need to enable?

  • Go to System information and see what level error reporting it is showing there. Sometimes hosting settings will override Joomla global configuration – YellowWebMonkey May 17 '18 at 13:29

Setting the error reporting to the maximum level is a good idea. But if Joomla cached those errors, you need to turn on the debug mode as well. This will reveal more details about the error you encounter.

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