I was wondering if anyone knows of any way to take the HTML content of a custom module which is placed inside an article and convert the HTML to PDF via the click of a button or so.

So basically the user will have a button "convert to PDF", and the PDF file will be generated with the HTML content, and they will have the option of downloading it.


I suggest using Phoca PDF. It's a decent extension. https://www.phoca.cz/phocapdf

  • I have tried that one, but it was not working. I have a custom template so it may have performed and override on some content files. However, I've used jsPDF and jspdf-AutoTable to sort the issue :)
    – MailBlade
    May 19 '18 at 6:38

I would advice you to use Aspose.PDF Cloud SDK for PHP to create PDF from HTML. Here is a quick example:

use Aspose\PDF\PdfApi;
use Aspose\PDF\AsposeApp;

// Initialize API
public $pdfApi = new PdfApi();

// Upload file to Aspose Cloud Storage
$fileName = "output.pdf";
$templateFile = "input.html";

// Convert file to HTML format
$result = $this->pdfApi->PutCreateDocument($fileName, $templateFile, $dataFile = null, $templateType = "html", $storage = "", $folder = "");

Note: I am working as Developer Evangelist at Aspose.


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