In my login form, custom layout fields are displayed by the $field->input variable. Unfortunately, those fields are displayed without the placeholder attribute.

Is there any way to add this attribute to the field which is displayed by variable above?

<?php foreach ($this->form->getFieldset($fieldset->name) as $name => $field) : ?>
    <?php if ($field->hidden === false) : ?>
        <div class="sc-group">
            <?php echo $field->input; ?>
    <?php endif; ?>
<?php endforeach; ?>

I believe that hint is the attribute you're looking for:

<field name="name"
       hint="Placeholder Text"

You need to follow below steps

  1. Go to components/com_yourcomponent/models/forms
  2. Find out the xml file which loads that form.
  3. Find the fields where you want to add the place holder text.
  4. Use hint attribute:<field name="field_name" label="Field Label" type="text" hint="Placeholder Text"/>

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