I'm trying to make a dropdown box from my table (#__projectinfo) where I can choose, for example, an article and show in an editor ready-to-use, update or save.

The objective is to choose an email body and send it to a user, the select box is to choose the email, but I need the ready-to-use editor.

e.g: like an article editor (see below image)

enter image description here

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This question is a bit beyond scope of the SE but I would like to give you a direction.

You can create you own JFormField that can open a modal window. Joomla uses this technique in com_menu selecting com_content articles.

You can have a look at JFormFieldModal_Article, this should give you an example how the field could look like.

The second part is the editor window, you need a component where you can edit the table. In this component you can add a "modal" layout to the edit view. In com_content this can be found at view/article/tmpl/modal.php

The complete task is not trivial and you need some knowledge in creating Joomla! components.

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