For example, I would like to send the following links in an email to users:

  1. https://www.example.com/#foo
  2. https://www.example.com/deep-link/#foo

When clicked on, I get the following results:

  1. https://www.example.com/#foo
  2. https://www.example.com/register/user-information?view=login#foo

Both make sense. But once I log in, #foo is dropped from each URL.

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The # and the string after together are called a fragment. Your question seems to suggest that you expect the fragment to be preserved as you run a post request (such as logging in) but that would be unnatural. Depending on what you are hoping to achieve you may be better off using a query string in your email link, or setting a cookie when a fragment is present. Perhaps you could edit your question with details of why you want the fragment to be appended to subsequent uris?

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