By default, in the Search module of Joomla, "all words" is selected by default. I want "any words" to be selected by default.

Does anyone know where I have to make the changes in files and the location of files?

I have searched the "com_search" folder in both the component and the module folders, but was not able to find anything useful.

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In the view.html.php file located here: components/com_search/views/search/view.html.php

Navigate to line 102 where you will find COM_SEARCH_ALL_WORDS. Put that whole line below the COM_SEARCH_ANY_WORDS line.

This will effectively change the default search option to be "any words".

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This option is not available in Search component configuration but is available per menu item. Create Search Form or Search Results menu item and set Search For option in Options tab.

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