We are facing some issues in our website. I am attaching screenshot of the error. I need help, can anyone help me to overcome the issue. Only main domain pages is not showing all other installed sub domains are working correctly like bswa.org.pk/majestic bswa.org.pk/hrm

enter image description here

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Please check you have connected to correct Database of your site , Check below stuff in configuration.php file

public $host = 'localhost'; // Database host name
public $user = 'database_name'; //e.g root
public $password = 'database_password'; //e.g root
public $db = 'database_name';
public $dbprefix = 'db_prefix_of_ur_database_tables'; // e.g u5mip_

This can be caused by any number of reasons. You will need to set the error reporting to "maximum" in your configuration.php file (which is located at the same level of the index.php file, e.g. in the main folder of your Joomla site).

Typically, if a website fails all of a sudden without anyone doing anything on it, then it might be because it is hacked, or it might be something changed in the host environment.

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