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Warning JInstaller: :Install: Error SQL Can't DROP 'idx_image'; check that column/key exists Files Update: SQL error file DB function failed with error number 1091 Can't DROP 'idx_image'; check that column/key exists SQL = ALTER TABLE #__languages DROP INDEX idx_image;

  • What version did you update from? What database driver are you using?
    – Lodder
    Mar 26, 2018 at 12:29

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Although it's strange that the idx_image index did not exist I wouldn't be too concerned about it. That warning is essentially telling you that Joomla tried to get rid of something but it was already gone. The Joomla update was still successful.

I recommend that you go to (from your Joomla Administrator) Extensions > Manage > Database and confirm that there aren't any issues. If there are, the "fix" button should fix them for you.

Otherwise, you should be OK, unless you have a high-traffic site, or are noticing slow page load. I say this because if you had one missing database index you may have other missing database indexes (and I don't think the database check I recommended you do checks for missing indexes, but I could be wrong). That could result in slow query execution.


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