how clear hikashop cart session in every 5 miunuets? when user add item in cart, if under 5 minutes , do not payment process , empty cart for user . some code of hikashop cart.php

function addToCartFromFields(&$entriesData,&$fields){
    $app = JFactory::getApplication();

    $productsToAdd = array();
    $coupons = array();
    foreach($entriesData as $entryData){
        foreach(get_object_vars($entryData) as $namekey=>$value){
            foreach($fields as $field){
                if($field->field_namekey == $namekey){
                    $ok = false;
                    if(!empty($field->field_options) && !is_array($field->field_options))
                        $field->field_options = hikashop_unserialize($field->field_options);
                        if(is_numeric($value) && is_numeric($field->field_options['product_value'])){
                            if( $value === $field->field_options['product_value'] ){
                                $ok = true;
                        }elseif(is_string($value) && !empty($field->field_options['product_value']) && is_array($field->field_options['product_value']) && in_array($value,$field->field_options['product_value'])){
                            $ok = true;
                        }elseif($value == $field->field_options['product_value']){
                            $ok = true;

                            $id = $field->field_options['product_id'];

                    if($field->field_type=='coupon' && !empty($field->coupon[$value])){
                        $coupons[] = $field->coupon[$value];

You can do it by the configuration options (version 3 of Hikashop):

Go to backend:

Hikashop -> Configuration -> Advanced -> Advanced Settings

Configure cart retaining period

  • hikashop support descript for "cart retaining period" : It's normal. The cart retaining period and frequency are done when you access the backend of the shop. The point is to clear the carts once in a while. So that you have about a few weeks or months of carts in the database and not that it grows indefinitely. Even if you set it to 5 minutes, it won't clear the carts every five minutes. Feb 1 '18 at 13:26

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