I have a site developed in Joomla 2.5.9. Recently it moved to a new server and email is changed. I changed the email settings in Global configuration section. But now if I try to send email from Contact page it shows error like as follows

The following from address failed:

The following are my email configuration details :

mailer : SMTP
From mail : info@mydomain.com
sendmail path : /usr/sbin/sendmail
SMTP port : 25
SMSTP username : info@mydomain.com
SMTP password : xxxxx
SMTP Host : us2.smtp.mailhostbox.com

Maybe port 25 is blocked? Try port 587 instead. If im correct this is the documentation for your smtp host: http://support.mailhostbox.com/configure-your-desktop-email-clients-to-send-and-receive-email/

Should state that the question you're asking isn't really specific. Could be anything that is going wrong!

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