I am new to joomla! and would like to design a custom search plugin to search through my database. I know that when using the default search, the onContentSearch() function is triggered and "search keywords" will be sent to the above function rather than all of input string in search field. For example, if we want to search the term This is a book, then two keywords: This and book will be sent to onContentSearch(). In my customize search plugin, I want to send all of words (i.e. This, is, a, book) in term This is a book to onContentSearch(). How can I do it?


Override/Change the return values of the getIgnoredSearchWords() and getLowerLimitSearchWord() in /language/en-GB/en-GB.localise.php (and any other /language/<lang>/<lang>.localise.php file of active languages).

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