In database it shows:

-Table 1 data show discount_category_id as: 1 2 3
-Table 2 data show category_id as: ,1, ,2, ,3,

So is anything wrong or any syntax error with my code because i tried print_r but no value.

->join('LEFT', $db->quoteName('#__hikashop_discount', 'e'). ' ON (' . 
 $db->quoteName('e.discount_category_id') . ' LIKE "%' . $db-
 >quoteName('d.category_id') . '%")') 

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  • Using LIKE to match values in a comma-separated string is super bad idea. LIKE is whole-number-ignorant, so if you search for 1 you will get a match if 11, 8741, or 180 (etc.) is in the csv list. Let us help you -- edit your question please. – mickmackusa Mar 2 at 4:03

You’re quoting your like string with “ and then quoting the int column inside with quoteName. I’m not sure it’d work even after you fix that because int columns don’t act like strings that you just concat with %. There’s a nice discussion about using int column likes here that should help. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/8422455/performing-a-like-comparison-on-an-int-field

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