I set up Joomla to access it through a reverse-proxy. Everything works fine except the HTML has a <base> tag pointing to the real domain name. The browser changes relative links like /signup into fully qualified URIs using the <base> href value. All of the links on the site are relative. How do I prevent Joomla from inserting the <base href="..."> tag into the <head> of the document, or else how do I set the value to the domain that has the reverse-proxy?

I tried setting public $live_site in configuration.php but it didn't change anything.

I tried turning off "Use URL Rewriting", but it didn't change anything.

Research: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=joomla+reverse+proxy+base+tag&ia=qa


I found this answer, but I don't think it's permanent.


To remove the base tag in the header simply add this to your template file (index.php)

$this->base = '';

I edited public_html/templates/yootheme/index.php.

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I haven't tried it recently, but the following should still do it:

$doc = JFactory::getDocument();

It can be placed in your template's index.php, or in a system plugin. For your template, see if the one you use offers a way for your to add your own custom functions somewhere, so it can be maintained when you update it.

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