To elaborate: The component's configuration is supposed to show a field where i choose which usergroup gets access to a certain view. The fieldtype used is 'usergrouplist'. I've also tried 'usergroups' previously(only to end up at the same result).

I've check the same thing is there in com_users but it shows a label while mine doesn't.

How do I get this field to show a label?

The code:

    <field name="view_access" type="usergrouplist"
        default="1" checksuperusergroup="1"/>

Notice how it doesn't show a 'Label' for the field.

Notice how the 'label' part of the field isn't there

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The problem is likely in your view. What do you get when you print something like the following in your view?

<?php echo $this->form->getLabel('view_access'); ?>

It worked after I uninstalled and reinstalled the component. So apparently there's nothing wrong with the code.

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