Today I made my first Joomla component following their tutorial. Everything in my component was working as intended until I decided to add a second view to my component. I added a new folder in the /views/ directory of my component and added all the necessary files : view.html.php, index.html, tmpl/default.xml, tmpl/default.php, tmpl/index.html.

Here is my view.html.php

class VacanciesViewSingle extends JViewLegacy
    var $vacancy = null;

    function display($tpl = null)
        $this->vacancy = $this->get('Vacancy');

        // // Check for errors.
        if (count($errors = $this->get('Errors')))
            JLog::add(implode('<br />', $errors), JLog::WARNING, 'jerror');

            return false;


As long as I understood how components in Joomla work this should call the getVacancy() method from my model class.

Inside my model class I have only 2 functions: getVacancies() which works perfectly with my other view and getVacancy() which for debugging purposes return just a number:

public function getVacancy()
    return "10";

So I'm expecting my view to output "10". This is my `tmpl/default.php' file:

defined('_JEXEC') or die('Restricted access');
<?php echo $this->vacancy;?>

PS. Opening /index.php?option=com_vacancies&view=single doesn't return any errors, just my page with blank space where the component output should be... PS2. If I change $this->vacancy = $this->get('Vacancy'); to $this->vacancy = "10" in my view class I get the expected output of '10' so I suppose getVacancy() is not called for some reason.

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It sounds like you only have one model, rather than the expected one-model-per-view.

As such, it is looking for the function in a model related to your singles view, which does not exist.

Try passing a second parameter to the get function to confirm the name of the model you want to use, ie

$this->vacancy =$this->get('vacancy','vacancies');

(replacing 'vacancies' if you have called your model something else)

Further details of how the get function works are here.

  • So is it possible to have multiple views in a component with a single model?
    – VTodorov
    Oct 13, 2017 at 11:49
  • 1
    Yes, but you'll need to tell your other views which model to use, as per the answer above. There may be better ways (I'm wondering if a simple second model that just inherits the other one may be a tidier approach), but I tend to use JModelLegacy::getInstance to get access to a different model's functions if I need to do that.
    – RichardB
    Oct 13, 2017 at 12:01

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