Within mytemplate, I created an alternative menu and an alternative layout for the com_content articles view, and neither reflects on the front end.

For com_content, in my template, I created the following files:


At the top of file LandingPage.xml, the layout section contains:


Through backend, I can select the alternative menu type, but when I load the web page corresponding to menu item, the HTML corresponds to


I have re-read the documentation for alternative layouts and alternative menu items and rechecked I am following instructions correctly: https://docs.joomla.org/Layout_Overrides_in_Joomla

Also, I looked for duplicate answers, and found:

Layout Override shows up as menu Item but not as category layout

Can't see alternative layout once i add xml file

I believe I understand the logic for the mytemplate alternative menu items and alternative layouts, but I can't figure out what I am doing wrong.

The URL's generated through the back end for the menu items set to this alternative menu type item have the following syntax:


Looking for alternative solutions, I then set the LandingPageLayout.php through the article's configuration Options Layout setting. The article's Options > Layout drop-down shows the alternative layout "LandingPageLayout." However, through the front end, the menu item continues to display the code from /components/com_content/article/view/default.php

To easily differentiate which php file is loading, from among default.php, LandingPage.php, and LandingPageLayout.php, I entered an HTML tag that clearly shows me which file is loading.

What am I doing wrong?

Why is the content from mytemplate article's alternative menu item and alternative layout not loading trough the front?

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I know this is a really old post, but I ran across it trying to solve the same issue in Joomla 4.

The simple solution was to change the case. The template filename need to be in all lowercase: joomla/templates/mytemplate/html/com_content/article/landingpage.php joomla/templates/mytemplate/html/com_content/article/landingpage.xml joomla/templates/mytemplate/html/com_content/article/landingpage_layout.php

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