A client called today lamenting that our automated mail (they fill a form and we mail them a code) is not working.

Of course, this is because my code still has the JFactory class and is looking for...

require ('libraries/joomla/factory.php');

...which is no more since Joomla 3.8

I have seen this answer to a similar problem, but getMailer is not named in the linked Github file.

What should I use instead of the following lines?

require ('libraries/joomla/factory.php'); #I suppose nothing
$mail = JFactory::getMailer(); #I have no idea

Of course I'm instantiating the $mail object with everything needed to use


So if that won't work anymore I'd appreciate some guidance.

  • Welcome to JSE. Are you trying to load JFactory outside of Joomla? Are you getting any errors?
    – Lodder
    Oct 5 '17 at 10:42

I looked for JFactory instead of looking for getMailer or factory.php in the class conversion chart mentioned in the answer linked in the question and solved this problem myself:

$mail = \joomla\CMS\factory::getMailer();

Require is not... required anymore.

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