$dbwsk = JFactory::getDBO();
$querywsk = "SELECT `title` FROM `#__content` WHERE 1";
$rowswsk = $dbwsk->loadResult();

I've been working and learning for the whole day and my brain kind of stops working. I am trying to get all values of a column from a certain table, above is the code, but $rowswsk only contains 1 string, which is the title of the first article. Why is this? And how should I do it?

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You should use loadColumn instead of loadResult. loadResult is used when you want to get only 1 value from the query (and is typically used when the query returns just one value), loadColumn is used to return a whole column in an array. See Joomla's official documentation on selecting data from a database.

  • @shenkwen There isn't a better solution than this. Please award this answer the green tick so that your question is deemed resolved within the system. p.s. You don't need that WHERE 1 bit. Commented Jun 8, 2018 at 7:52

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