I am developing a component. At the site part model, inside getItem($pk)

I am using:

$params = new JRegistry;                                
$params->loadString($this->item->params, 'JSON');                               
$this->item->params = $params;
$params =clone $this->getState('params');   
$this->item->params = $params;

while in populateState method I created a params variable and got default.xml params in a JRegistry object and now merge only considers backend params. In other words, what I do in menuitem has no effect and changes nothing. Kian William


I solved it, Eureka, when I used getState() to obtain variable I created in populateState of model in site part, I had to change it or assign it to a registery object so that merge could work on two registry object.


clone() could not change a string to reg object.

In populateState, I create a Registry obj, but when I assigned it to setState variable, it turns back to a string again, it works now

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