I've setup my custom component using JToolbarHelper for navigation, following the standard set by base Joomla components.

Each view contains some variation of the following:

JToolbarHelper::title(JText::_('COM_CUSTOMCOMPONENT_MENU'), 'home');
JToolbarHelper::custom('view.task', 'options', 'options', 'Task', false);

Every view.html.php's view extends a custom JView (customComponentView) which itself extends JViewLegacy, so functionally should be identical.

However, when I activate system cache to ON - Conservative caching, the toolbar renders as completely empty. No title, no buttons, nothing. the only way to have them reappear is to either turn off system cache, modify the code generating the buttons (although this fix only works until the page is changed/refreshed) or setup JToolbarHelper stuff in customComponentView.

I've checked the base components, and all of them are functioning appropriately, displaying the contents of their JToolbarHelper accordingly.

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