I would like to have a page that lists all articles in a category by subcategory, and to have these articles listed by titles longer than Joomla's built-in maximum length.

In asking this question I found out that changing Joomla's built in maximum length is a very bad idea, but that there are ways to "fake" long article titles in links to lists of articles.

How can I create a page that lists articles in a category by subcategory with "fake" titles that are longer than Joomla's built-in article length limit?

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You can achieve this with the built in functionality of Joomla.

  • Create a Category Blog Menu Item and deactivate title under the options tab.
  • While creating an article, write first your fake title and maybe a short intro text.
  • Then use the "read more" button on the bottom of the editor to insert the read more button (displayed as line in the editor).
  • Then you can write your main content of the article.



You can do a template override for the category view and instead of displaying a title in HREF use the intro part of each article that is displayed above the fold.

  • Could you go into more detail about how to do this?
    – Dan
    Commented Aug 18, 2017 at 3:40

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