I have exactely the same issue like in this post.

For a Joomla site online booking (Joomla + Yootheme + Vik Appointment) I need Pacific/Tahiti default timezone and I still have UTC despite all my efforts. I am stuck.

  • I put into Vik Appointments extension ini files : date_default_timezone_set("Pacific/Tahiti");

  • Joomla configuration server is set at : Pacific/Tahiti

  • My hosting provider set php.ini with : php_admin_value[date.timezone] = Pacific/Tahiti (I asked for : date.timezone = "Pacific/Tahiti" but he changes it, I guess he has some reasons, but it told me he can not guarantee as this parameter is only global)

  • My .htaccess is set with : SetEnv TZ Pacific/Tahiti

but php info still says I am in UTC, and the site make erratic booking dates and times :-( at this point I really don't see why I am still stuck!

How and where should I put the code give on the post for .htaccess? suPHP_ConfigPath /home3/username_here order allow,deny deny from all

Thank you in advance for help, much apreciated

Regards Yannick


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The following only works if your hosting provider allows own php.ini files:

1) Go to Joomla root. 2) create you own php.ini (just create an empty txt-file and change the extension to "ini")

3) Add

date.timezone = Pacific/Tahiti 

to the php.ini

4) Upload to the Joomla root

5) (optional, if needed by your server to work) Add this to the end of your htaccess:

<IfModule mod_suphp.c>
<Files php.ini>
order allow,deny
deny from all

This could take some minutes to take effect.

To get your absolute path, just upload a test.php file into your Joomla root:

echo __DIR__; // or echo realpath(dirname(__FILE__));

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