JFactory has a getDbo method, but no setDbo. Why? It can be useful for unit-testing to be able to overwrite the global database driver. Any other way to do this?

EDIT: $database is a public property of JFactory, so I can just overwrite it like so:

$myDatabase = new JDatabaseDriver ...
JFactory::$database = $myDatabase;

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You can set the database driver, just not with any simple function (that I know of), such as setDbo.

If you look at the Joomla Database Framework package:

use Joomla\Database;

class MyApplication extends AbstractApplication
    protected $db;

    protected function initialise()
        // Make the database driver.
        $dbFactory = new Database\DatabaseFactory;

        $this->db = $dbFactory->getDriver(
                'host' => $this->get('database.host'),
                'user' => $this->get('database.user'),
                'password' => $this->get('database.password'),
                'port' => $this->get('database.port'),
                'socket' => $this->get('database.socket'),
                'database' => $this->get('database.name'),

So you can replace $this->get('database.driver') with the driver that you need.

  • Not possible in my case, since all methods in my class is static (helper class that's is called from all manner of places). But it seems that JFactory::$database is a public property, so I can just overwrite it. Jul 31, 2017 at 11:57
  • Well, of course it's possible, but such code would better be placed in a constructor, of which I never call. So. Jul 31, 2017 at 12:00

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