I am developing a plugin to get rid of any rel="nofollow" on HTML links using a buffer, but its not working. I am testing it with a nofollow link on a Custom HTML Module.

I thought that "JFactory::getApplication()->getBody();" would output me the body content but was I wrong?

The aim is to remove any nofollow on template, modules and component.

Here my code so far:

function onContentAfterDisplay()
$buffer = JFactory::getApplication()->getBody();
$buffer = str_ireplace(' rel=”nofollow”', '', $buffer);
$buffer = str_ireplace(' rel=\'nofollow\'', '', $buffer);

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onContentAfterDisplay isn't called at a point when the full getBody() content has been generated. It is rather called at the points where components and modules are generating their individual views.

As such, JFactory::getApplication()->getBody() content will not exist at the time you are calling it.

Try the following to see which content it is selecting - most likely it will just be your main component area, as not all components and modules will trigger it:

public function onContentAfterDisplay($context, &$row, &$params, $page = 0)     {



If you need to call a plugin that grabs all the page's html, then onAfterRender is probably going to be the one.

public function onAfterRender()
    // Do something onAfterRender

    $buffer = JFactory::getApplication()->getBody();
    JFactory::getApplication()->setBody($buffer."hello world");

(Note that here you'd need to view the source to see the hello world as it will be outside the html area)

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