Currently I am on my local server and the URL I want to create is:


/cax2017/images/flexicontent/l_thecaxton.jpg is created by:

FlexicontentFields::getFieldDisplay($item, 'image', null, 'display_large_src', 'item');

If I use:

$url = JURI::base().FlexicontentFields::getFieldDisplay($item, 'image', null, 'display_large_src', 'item');

It fails as I get double /cax2017/cax2017/: http://localhost/cax2017/cax2017/images/flexicontent/l_thecaxton.jpg

I'm looking for a way to make it portable across hosts or servers.

I have solved it with this:


$url = $siteURL.FlexicontentFields::getFieldDisplay($item, 'image', null, 'display_large_src', 'item');

echo $url;

But is there a simpler Joomla way to do it?


I suspect it already does what you want.

Throughout code for Flexicontent, they generate links using JURI::base(true) and JURI::root(true). This is the same as JURI::base() and JURI::root(), but returns the absolute path only rather than the absolute link.

The double /cax2017/cax2017/ would certainly be consistant with this, so I assume the getFieldDisplay function works like this.

This approach means that you can move it to a different host without any issue - the links should update the path automatically when you set the new configuration file.


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