evereody! Please, tell me what should be fixed to put in a slideshow on the main page to position-3 of Protostar (in stead of default image). On the other pages it works pretty well. Ive'been using rockspoket module and CK module - the same negative result. configuration's attribute are made
Thank you

  • Hello and welcome. Honestly, I don't know about other users, but personally I am having hard-time to understand what the problem is and what you are asking. Can you try improve your question and make it more clear? – FFrewin May 1 '17 at 19:51

I can fix the problem. As a matter of fact i created one more main menu before and deactivated default menu. But I should have selected both pages (my new home page and default home page from deactivated default menu) to put in slideshow module.(Home default page works even deactivated)

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