I want to render/execute some javascript code written inside virtuemart JDispatcher eg: plgVmConfirmedOrder


$script='console.log("this is dummy script");jQuery.ajax({url:'',type:'post',success:function(){console.log("task has been done")}})';

function plgVmConfirmedOrder(VirtuemartCart $cart,$order){
      $document->addScriptDeclaartion($script);// this is not working
      How to do?

You need to escape your javascript properly.

$script='console.log("this is dummy script");jQuery.ajax({url:\'\',type:\'post\',success:function(){console.log("task has been done")}})';

And, you misspelt declaration


And I presume you have your vm plugin installed and switched on and working. If you're not sure if your event is firing then change your code to:

function plgVmConfirmedOrder(VirtuemartCart $cart,$order){
    echo "confirm order event fired";

If that doesn't work then your problem is different from dealing with js.

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