Client provide me the url of the joomla page. But I am not able to find it from the administrator. I check every article but I am not able to find it.

Can anybody please help me with it where I can find it

The url is something like this


I have url but I am not able to find this page in administrator.


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You can find any url/Alias by searching it in the search box.

First go to the Menu manager and enter resource-downloads in the search box.

And if you didnt find it then you can go to the article manager and type the alias of the article in the search box.

Eg : search for resource-downloads in the search box and you will find the article or menu item by this.


It looks like it's a single article menu item.

Go to the Menu Manager look through each menu group for a menu item with "resource-downloads" as the alias (most likely the title of the menu item will be "Resource Downloads" but that's not a guarantee because the menu title and alias don't need to be similar).

enter image description here

Once you find the menu item enter/edit it and look at the "Select Article" field; that's the article being loaded. Click "Edit" and it'll bring you to the article that menu item displays.

enter image description here

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