How can I edit the "Protostar" template in order to have two sidebar instead of only one on the right? You can also edit the width of each sidebar?

I would try to edit the index.php file of the template but it is better to ask first.


Module Positions

To see all the module positions, set Extensions -> Templates -> Options -> Preview Module Positions to "Enabled" and browse to:


To enable the left hand sidebar in ProtoStar, publish a module to Left [position-8].

To enable the right hand sidebar in ProtoStar, publish a module to Right [position-7].

Sidebar Widths

Unfortunately, you can't specify sidebar widths via the ProtoStar options in Template Manager.

A custom CSS file at /templates/protostar/css/user.css with the following code (or similar) could be used to override the sidebar and main content widths:

@media only screen and (min-width: 768px) {
  #sidebar.span3 {width: 20%;}  /* Left Hand Sidebar */
  #content.main {width: 60%;}   /* Main Content */
  #aside.span3 {width: 20%;}    /* Right Hand Sidebar */

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