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I'm trying to create a popup by modifying the source code through the editor. the code is as follows:

<a href="#" onClick="window.open('mypage.htm','pagename','resizable,height=260,width=370'); return false;">popup</a>

but once saved the article, I see that the code has been cut.

actually I'm looking for a component that allows me to open a Virtual tour (a web page or a swf file) in a popup. I tried the "simple popup" component, but I use another component called. "pocha panorama" and I can't use them together.

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From Global Configuration > Text filters select No Filtering for user group you want to. Perhaps, Admin user group.

Editor will not stripe out the code.


I am a big fan of Engage Box by Tassos Marinos for anything popup/modal related. It is easy to setup and has lots of extra features like setting cookies, custom page assignments, calling it through buttons, etc. There are pre-setup modes for newsletter signups, social media, video, as well.


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