I have recently started doing some maintenance of a website managed by Joomla. It kept giving me headaches, so I decided it might be due to the fact that the version is outdated. However, it just seems like I'm lacking options - there is no Extention Manager, no Components-> Joomla updates, no nothing.

Could it be the case that Im not "the real" administrator, i.e. that I don't have full permission to modify stuff? At this point, it seems like I can only edit/publish/unpublish stuff.

Also, is there any alternative way I could do the update/change something for better?

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    In Joomla 3x "Admin" is called Super User. Check under Users->Manage that your account is a Super User.
    – John
    Commented Feb 18, 2017 at 19:19

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You are probably an Administrator and not the Super User, you can check your account at Users->Manage, that's why you don't have access to all Joomla functions. You can try to manually update Joomla follow this (not really sure if an Administrator even can) but i think that up the road you 'll need full access to make your life easier.

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