in my Joomla 3.6-Component I would like to include a drag and drop ordering at the frontend. Following this ...

Adding drag-n-drop ordering in component

... it looks like it should and I can move the list-items. BUT: It never saves! I tried to overwrite saveOrderAjax at the controller, but it seams, it is not called.

Any idea? Does anybody know a component with frontend-ordering?

Thank you, Steven

  • check if your front-end component view table has ordering field in it's table. – Liz. Feb 7 '17 at 6:49

thank you, that pointet the way. I already had the ordering-field. But now I found out, it only works, if the controller of the list-view points out the model for the form-view:

class MyCompControllerOrderings extends JControllerAdmin {

    public function getModel($name = 'MyModelForTheTable', $prefix = 'MyCompModel', $config = array('ignore_request' => true)) {
        $model = parent::getModel($name, $prefix, $config);
        return $model;

And this model only workes, if it defines

public function getTable and public function getForm

It seams not to be enough to define the getTable. Why??? But now it works.

Thank you, Steven

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