• Joomla 3.6.5
  • Helix3 Template here

The layout of the template is as follows;

 - header |
 - left sidebar | main content | 
 - footer |

When I view my template on a mobile device (devtools) the left sidebar stacks first, and the main content is below it. How can I reverse this? I'd like the main content to display first.

I can't see any template configuration settings.



I managed to do this, thanks to the link from @Lodder.

In the Helix3 template layout, I swapped the positions of the left sidebar and main content blocks (drag and drop).

Now the layout is like below;

 - header |
 - main content | left sidebar | 
 - footer |

Then I added a css class to each block as follows;

  • main content pull-right

  • left sidebar pull-left

This seems to have done the trick!

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