When I click view site button in joomla, it opens a new tab with a login form that I enter my super user info and is show the home page. But I want to visit the site as a guest to test user registration and profile.

How can I delete the login page that appears when I click view site in joomla? I want it opens without that login form.

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    Do you have the site offline? If so, go to your Global Configuration in the Joomla backend and set Site Offline to No
    – Lodder
    Commented Feb 1, 2017 at 12:53

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Unfortunately, when you have your site offline, you will be required to login to view the site. You will be presented with a login form as shown here:

Website Offline

There was an extension created to get around this drawback called "Offline". This creates a secret key that, when added to the URL, prevents the need to login.

Alternate: If your server is running Apache, you can create a .htpasswd file in the root of your site and leave the site "online." This will require you to enter a password before Joomla! ever loads.

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