Joomla 3.6.5

I have a menu item type Contacts » List Contacts in a Category. I have 150+ contacts.

I would like to override the default list limit on this page only.

Currently when the contact page loads it shows 25 contacts, which is the limit set in my Joomla global config. Is there any way I can change this so the complete list of 150+ loads?

I have created a template override in /html/com_contact/category/default_items.php.



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The answer here is very helpful and solved my issue.

To override, Joomla components generally seem to use this in the model: Using $limit = 0 shows all items

protected function populateState($ordering = null, $direction = null)
    // set limit
    $this->setState('list.limit', $limit);
    // set start (eg. what record to begin pagination at)
    $this->setState('list.start', $value);

How to set get('Items') limit?

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