For a menu item if I choose

  • contact->featured contacts Display = table view
  • contacts->list all contacts in category Display = list view

I cannot find anywhere this seems to be defined. How can I get a table for List all contacts in category?


I am not sure what is the thing you are looking to define - assuming this is to select a table layout instead of the default list one.
But does it have to be a table?

The menu item Contacts ->Lists all contacts in a category will display a list of contacts from a selected category, that at least in the protostar template someone could say that it looks close to a table.

If a table layout is important you could create a template override to meet your specific layout desires.

I am lazy right now to search for resources (they are plenty) on how to create template overrides - so I leave this to you.

  • Yes I want a table layout rather than the default list layout. I want to include the email for each contact and this appears below the contact name rather than in a separate column so the fomat is not suitable. I don't know how to create a template overwrite but will try to look for some simple instructions
    – Kirsten
    Nov 27 '16 at 7:09

Here is a link on how to create a template override for protostar:


Create an override for the com_contact component: category.
I found it helpful to also create an override for the com_contact component: featured as well to use as a template.

The override files can now be found under the editor tab html folder. You need to edit the com_contact/category/default_items.php file. You need to replace the whole ul section with a table. You can copy the table from the com_contact/featured/default_items.php file.

You will probably need to apply some custom css to make it look how you want.

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