I'm using GeSHi plugin for writing code in my Joomla site.

It works, but there's some language that are not supported (powershell, SQL) that I need.

In the GeSHi homepage I've seen that they've released a version in which these languages are supported, so I'd like to use it in my site.

Is there a way to import it in my Joomla installation?

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I've found a solution by myself.

In the Joomla folder go to administrator/components/com_scriptcodehighlighter/models/forms and open the file scriptcodehighlighter.xml. There's the list of all supported formats.

Then add following options:

<option value="sql">SQL</option>
<option value="powershell">POWERSHELL</option>

Just for be sure, I've followed the alphabetical order of the file, so I've put them in right positions (but I don't know if it's has any importance).

Do the same thing for the file /components/com_scriptcodehighlighter/models/forms/scriptcodehighlighter.xml.

Now when I add the code in the dropdown list I can see missing languages, and they also work correctly in article.

  • The Geshi plugin was removed from Joomla! standard distribution per 3.1 release it is no longer available by default. What extension do you use?
    – webchun
    Nov 21, 2016 at 10:13
  • I've used Script Code Highlighter
    – Jepessen
    Nov 21, 2016 at 10:48

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