When I create a module I can select its position between many possibilities. Is there a way to preview all these positions in the page in order to know the place where the module will be?


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You can see them from adminitration doing this steps:

  • In the top menu, click Extensions and then click Template Manager

  • In the tabs at the top of the page, click the Options tab

  • Under the Templates tab, find the following setting:

Enable: Preview Module Positions

  • Once again, in the top menu, click Extensions and then click Template Manager Now that we have the Preview Module Positions setting enabled, you will see a preview icon next to your Site Templates.

  • Click the preview icon next to the template you would like to view.

Hope this help you


I've found a solution by myself.

  1. Go to Extension->Templates
  2. Click on Options button (top-right page corner)
  3. Enable the option Enable Module Positions
  4. Save changes
  5. Go again to Extension->Templates and select Templates on the left menu
  6. Click the Preview link for the desired template

The page appears with all position shown.

Another option is to append &tp=1 (or &tp=1 if in the link there are other parameters) to the page for which you want to see positions. Also in this case the Enable Module Positions must be enabled.

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