I'm trying to make a more dynamic News & Events posting process on a website.

To do this I'm using the free version of Deluxe News by JoomlaXTC.


This is the result I'd like to achieve, but split in 2 columns rather than in just one.

I have already modified the template so I now have two new positions called csx and cdx in order to put in there my new News & Events modules.


That website uses on its Homepage a Blog Category mode, loading a category we'll call "X". On the JoomlaXTC module, which is in the same Homepage, it loads the very same category "X".

What this should do, is showing a new article with the module setup whenever a new article is added in that category "X".

But instead, when I do this on my website, it doesn't just show the Module, but the articles in the category as well (as it should indeed do that Blog Category mode). You can take a look at my testing page. (Yes, it's the live website, but I'm just editing a sub-menu I added just to test this, I had no time to make a localhost for this).


How did that other website managed to remove the "show" method of the Blog Category mode? On that website it just shows the JoomlaXTC module, I don't know how though. Settings of the module on both websites are the same.

  • Check your template framework if there is a feature that can hide/override component on Frontpage or specific menu.
    – cwps
    Oct 17 '16 at 21:46

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