I was hoping for some advice. A user has asked for a telephone number to be implemented in the space between the main menu and right menu (See screenshot)enter image description here IN the space between Contact and Book Now. I have implemented this as a menu item (text separator) but this doesn't give me many options in way of css styling. I was hoping for some suggestions as to a better method for implementing this, possibly to allow for an icon to be used also?

Any ideas are very welcome.

Regards Donna


Piggybacking on Max, I would do a external link and you can use the syntax tel:1231231234 to make it a clickable link for mobile.

For the icon, you can use css to add that. The selector will depend on template but as an example:

.menu li.item100 a:before {font-family:FontAwesome;content:"\f023";}

You will have to play with the formatting a bit. If you can't find how to call that menu item in the CSS, post the URL and we can help you find it.


You can try option to external link. In addres url you complete with "#"

I hope this helps


+1 to @YellowWebMonkey's answer, but you can just add classes, for styling or icons, directly to the menu item itself.

enter image description here

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