I have got a too amazing feature regarding ACL : a category and a sub-category for which ACL of three user groups is inconsistent. One group's got herited right at sub-category however it hasn't right at the parent category... These 2 pictures give all needed info to (non)understand (!) ACL screens BDD relations

Thanks a lot for advice

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    You've provided lots of information, but what's the question? Please be specific. – TryHarder Aug 31 '16 at 14:02
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    @000000 : Sorry by that. the fact is that the usergroup "fiche_pratique_DSI_agents" has no right at category "Mon service" but it has right (inherited-autorised) at category "informatique et sig" which is a subcategory of "Mon service". It should have "inherited-refused". – Juillet Sep 2 '16 at 6:14

The permissions to create and edit in category "Informatique et SIG" for user group "fiche_pratique_DSI_agents" are set to "inherit". They should inherit from the parent category "Mon service" and therefore should be "not allowed".

Maybe something with your #__assets table is wrong.

Before you do anything else, make a backup of your database.

Then I would try to change the value in column "rules" for category "Informatique et SIG" in table #_assets from {"core.create":{"9":1,"83":1} ... to {} (same value as for category "Mon service") and see if that works. If nothing happened or something went wrong --> revert to backup.

If it did not help you could install an extension, for example ACL-Manager. It will show you if there are any problems with your ACL and fix them for you.

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